Gostilna Maribor



Dear gusets,

we would liike to inform you, that Gostilna Maribor will be CLOSED
due to the current situation.

We hope to be able to host you ahain soon.

Thank you for your understanding!





Gostilna Maribor – where stories from the past are intertwined with contemporary culinary experiences.

Being aware of the tradition of the house in which Gostilna Maribor resides, its location on Main Square in Maribor and the love for Styrian cuisine, we have designed the culinary offer in a way to present our local cuisine to foreign visitors and the broader region, while at the same time refreshing the memory of the local guests about their grandmothers’ cuisine.

Delicious smells are flowing from the kitchen of the main chef Gregor Jager, namely of freshly baked bread, minced lard, beef soup, fried chicken, esigflajš (meat salad), žemljice (bread buns) and goulash, apple strudel and apricot dumplings as well as other delicacies that bring back the tastes of the past, but at the same time flirt with contemporary culinary trends.

A brewery has always been located in the house, which is why in the offer of our drinks, we emphasize beer in Gostilna Maribor. Behind a large bar counter, we like to serve our Slovenian house beer Rudolf.

We pamper our spirit enthusiasts with a rich collection of whiskeys and homemade spirits. The latter are served in a vaulted cellar named Apoteka (meaning pharmacy), which reminds us that “for every disease a flower grows”.

When we catch Gregor Jager, the main chef of Restaurant Gostilna Maribor, behind the stove, he impresses us with his cooking knowledge, quick and precise movements, neatness of his kitchen counter and colourful plates. He has cooked alongside renowned chefs, such as Janez Bratovž (JB Restaurant), Bine Volčič (Restaurant Promenada Bled) and in restaurants across the northern border: Kreuzwirt, Hofkeller and Weinbank. He was encouraged to enroll in the catering school by his aunt, while he was used to culinary delights at home since both his grandmother Anica and his mother Nada were excellent cooks. Born on a farm on the southern Styrian region of Kozjansko, he still finds his inspiration among green meadows, forests, fertile fields and animals. He loves people and with his broad smile, he quickly persuades them to love him back.

When preparing dishes for Gostilna Maribor, he focuses on authentic Styrian cuisine. He is inspired by its tradition, giving it a new content with contemporary culinary approaches.

Chef Gregor Jager

Gregor Jager

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