APOTEKA is a cellar you may only enter if you have a prescription!

APOTEKA (“PHARMACY”) is a cellar you may only enter if you have a prescription!

Apoteka is open only for private gatherings, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and other parties. On your request, we provide you with excellent food and good music.

What is better than hanging out with friends or family over good food and drinks? The inns have always brought people together, uniting them and offering them pleasure. It was important to come together, “to the spot” – to the square, to find out something new, take time for other people, feed your soul and body.

The former owners of our house and the famous Maribor brewers, the Tscheligi family, stored homemade spirits in Apoteka, which they cooked in the backyard. The fruit brandy gave power and lifted the spirits of workers, and they also gave it as alms or on credit.

We are well aware that for every disease a flower grows, so we only serve homemade products in Apoteka.

Call us and reserve the day of your gathering over good food and drinks in Gostilna Maribor.

We will be happy to advise you and prepare the event to your pleasing!




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